Eric Nord

Eric Nord, MBA, joined an IT consulting firm while attending college. After 7 years of profitable and successful operation he sold his interest in 2011 after experiencing 800% growth in revenues and 480% growth in company size. Eric has enjoyed full focus careers in IT Architecture, Linux and Windows administration, Java development, AWS infrastructure as code, Agile and ITSM processes.

Eric is often selected to execute on high visibility, strategic initiatives that organizations desperately need to be successful. He is adept at bringing disorganized systems into alignment, providing stability and developing a measured pipeline for innovations that have long term positive impact. People that work with Eric observe teams that are performant, that are happy, and that are focused on high priority initiatives. To accomplish this Eric develops leaders by finding those that are humble, hungry, and smart, then mentors them through the ambiguity that accompanies leadership roles.

Currently, Eric leads a team of 55 developers covering core business systems for Brigham Young University supporting 15,000 employees with HR, Finance, CRM 35,000 students at BYU Provo with a custom Student Information System platform. As the Senior Director of Administrative Systems Eric manages a multimillion dollar budget annually.

Eric knows what it takes to increase capabilities and profits in a business and how to drive value through thoughtful technology utilization and employee performance management. He wants to see you and your business succeed.

Eric is happily married, has three excellent children, and has built a life and career harnessing technology to amplify the potential of companies and the teams he works with. In his free time he enjoys volleyball, cycling, kickboxing, sailing, and diving.

Value-based technology consulting

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